openpilot 0.8.14…

Big Model

Refreshed laneless UI

DM model

TODO: weixing

Disengage on Accelerator Toggle

TODO: adeeb + shane

No disengage on accelerator was probably the most widely-requested feature from the community, and in this release, it’s now happily a part of stock openpilot as a toggle.

Safety and reliability was a large focus while preparing for this feature, and along the way multiple car bugs were found and fixed. We also added more car safety around longitudinal control and added a new OpenpilotState called overriding to visually communicate openpilot’s state while the accelerator pedal is pressed.

panda safety

Bug fixes

  • GM: panda was blocking ACC messages when pressing the accelerator pedal causing cruise faults (commaai/panda#914)
  • Honda Nidec: Fix ACC message which caused unintended acceleration when the accelerator pedal is pressed (#24028)

MTBF Report

TODO: adeeb

Immediate disables

  • accFaulted
    • VW - ?
    • GM - ?
  • brake unavailable
    • Honda - blocked msgs
  • canError
    • TODO
  • controls mismatch
    • Nissan -
    • GM -
    • Honda ?
    • Toyota ?
  • steerUnavailable
    • Mazda ? seg didn’t upload
    • Chrysler ? seg didn’t upload


Car Stars

We see questions time and time again in the openpilot Discord about what car to buy, or if a certain car provides a good openpilot experience. So we decided to organize cars by support with a project called Car Stars.

Cars are sorted into one of three tiers based on if it supports openpilot ACC, if it can do stop and go, if it can steer to 0 mph, if it has good steering torque, and if it is well-supported. Any car in the Gold tier is going to provide the best possible experience you can have with openpilot, and the rest lack support in one area or another.

We also moved all the static information in to live inside openpilot, using information from the same car interface we use to control the car to fill out the supported cars documentation on both GitHub and the website, removing extra work keeping multiple sources of truth up to date.

Check it out here on the website.


  • Added toggle to disable disengaging on the accelerator pedal (#23977
  • Hyundai: disallow engagement when no user button press is detected (#24140)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed controls mismatch on Honda Nidec when using an interceptor (#24173)
  • Fixed controls mismatch on Toyota when using an interceptor (#23710)
  • Fixed controls mismatch on Honda when at a standstill for certain cars (#24262)
  • Fixed cruise faults on GM when engaging with the gas pedal (#24167)

Torque controller

TODO: harald

comma body

The comma body is our first notcar.

TODO: nice picture or gif TODO: link to body blog post? or is it coming out after this release?

Car Ports

  • comma body support (#24019)
  • Audi RS3 support thanks to jyoung8607! (#24329)
  • Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid 2019 support thanks to sunnyhaibin! (#24089)
  • Hyundai Tucson Diesel 2019 support thanks to sunnyhaibin! (#24082)
  • Toyota Alphard Hybrid 2021 support (#24003)
  • Toyota Avalon Hybrid 2022 support (#23892)
  • Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 2022 support (#23969)

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