November 12–14, 2021

IRL in San Diego, CA

If you love hackathons, CTF challenges, and car-hacking with pizza and Red Bull coursing through your veins, you don't want to miss COMMA_HACK! Come meet the comma team, work on exciting projects, and win some sweet, sweet prizes!

I want to attend

Great! Get flags, get invite. Complete the CTF and submit the form below as soon as possible. We will email all selected participants based on CTF performance and GitHub profiles. We have a rolling invite policy.

CTF Prizes

Be a winner.

  • 1st to get all the flags: domestic flights & accomodation to attend COMMA_HACK (or $250)
  • 2nd: $100
  • 3rd: merch

Hackathon prizes will include a comma three CROSSCOUNTRY edition ($2799 value), crypto, and more.

First rule of CTF is don't talk about how to do the CTF.

Questions? Join the #CTF channel on