Welcome to the openpilot team!

2 minute read

Hello, and welcome to the team! We’re glad to have you. We’re a team of 543 people building openpilot, the highest rated driver assistance system in the world.

Our mission is to solve self-driving cars while delivering shippable intermediaries. We ship code daily to hundreds of users running master and ship new releases every few months to one of the largest fleets in the world.

Getting Started

Since it’s your first day, let’s get you onboarded.

  • Fork openpilot on GitHub. This is where all development happens and where you’ll push your code.
  • Join the community Discord. Along with GitHub, this is where openpilot developers coordinate and discuss development.
  • Set up your development environment. openpilot is designed to run on a smartphone processor, so any PC will do.
  • Play the openpilot CTF to learn the tools.


Since early 2020, openpilot has been built entirely in public by comma and users like you. And today, I’m excited to announce the openpilot bounty system. These days, there’s little difference between an “internal” and “external” workflow. We all use the same tools to develop openpilot and work towards the same mission, and the bounties further blur the line between contributor and comma employee.

There’s a continuous spectrum from external contributor all the way to full time openpilot engineer:

  • Want your car to be supported? Port it, upstream it for everyone to use, and get a discount on your comma 3X.
  • Frequent contributors and fork maintainers will make more than enough to cover all their comma hardware needs.
  • Want a remote job? We don’t offer those, but you can solve as many bounties as you want!

Want a Job?

A job is for contributors consistently solving bounties with high quality work. We’re mostly looking for software engineers who can independently improve openpilot while reducing complexity. These are some roles good software engineers can fill:

Full Stack Engineer: You’ll own comma connect and comma prime. A comma 3X paired with openpilot has all the hardware and logging infrastructure to be one of the best dashcams around. We just need to make a nice app around it, with features like sentry mode.

Car Interface Engineer: A software engineer that’s familiar with automotive safety standards such as ISO 26262. You’ll work on things like comma AEB.

Production Engineer: A software engineer with hardware knowledge that writes software to run and manage the comma factory. Do you know all the parts in a cell phone?

Interns: Interns are welcome year-round to work on all parts of the openpilot stack: car hacking, production, OS/systems, full stack, etc.

How do I apply?

Choose a bounty, solve it, and repeat. That’s it! No resume polishing or coding on a whiteboard. Once you’ve solved a few, reach out to givemeajob@comma.ai.