Video Contest Winners Announced!

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Over the last two weeks, comma has been running a video contest.

While there were many submissions, only one video per category could win the prize: $500 adjusted for inflation from the last video contest in 2018.

That’s $544.46 today!

comma three / openpilot review

The comma three review winner is Greer Viau!

This video clearly conveys what the comma three is and what openpilot does. We enjoyed this user’s unique perspective as they received their comma three only one week prior to making the video.

Honorable Mentions

openpilot operating with laneless

The laneless winner is Tsai-Fi!

This video showcases laneless doing some very human things such as, ignoring badly painted lane lines on the road. This is further proof that an end-to-end approach is the only way to solve self driving cars.

Honorable Mentions

Check out our livestream where we discuss these videos and our honorable mentions.

Thank you to all of our content creators. The videos you create help new users get introduced to the ecosystem and help us learn what we can improve for future releases. Keep it up! Who knows, maybe you could win a Video of the Year Commie.

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Chris McCammon,
Head of Production & Communications @