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End-to-end lateral planning

8 minute read

The goal of the research team at comma is to build a superhuman driving agent. We’ve discussed before how we believe the most effective way to build a superh...

Scaling for 10x User Growth

4 minute read

Weekly openpilot users grew from less than 275 users per week in the second half of 2018 to more than 2,750 users per week at the end of 2020. On some days, ...

Understanding the openpilot Safety Model

2 minute read

We’ve been seeing questions about if modifications to openpilot violate our safety model or not. The safety model has three main principles.

Safer Control of Steering

6 minute read

I’ve seen several very sketchy experiments around lately where people are controlling the steering of cars in unsafe ways. Let me break down a few of these w...